Barrisol ceilings combined

Barrisol Mirror® combined with other Barrisol® products


Thanks to the wide range of Barrisol® profiles and technical fixing components, you can use these membranes any way you want. You can, for example, mix and match different membranes finishes. Feel free to play around with the colours and materials to create your own work of art.

Examples of combined Barrisol ceilings

Ali EYİLE | Forfun - Turkey Read more
Arch. : Jean-Louis Deniot - 100e étages Architectes | Hotel Nolinski Read more
Kurtul Erkmen/KG Mimarlık | Acibadem Hospital Read more
Arch.: SYSTRA from France | Tram Station Dubai Read more
Devrim Turan | Showroom Tepta Read more

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